What does Vitamin A do for your skin?

What does Vitamin A do for your skin?

There is a reason we include Vitamin A in all of our skin supplements. It's a super nutrient when it comes to promoting optimum skin health.

Not only do each of our liquid skin supplements contain Vitamin A. They contain 100% of your daily recommended amount of Vitamin A. 

We always ensure you are receiving the correct amount of each of our active ingredients for them to really work. This is to ensure you see the benefits within weeks of taking your new supplements.

Vitamin A is an antioxidant, so it can help promote better skin and overall health by fighting free radicals. Its understood Vitamin A may also help ward of inflammation. Great news if you are an acne suffer as an underlying factor in acne vulgaris is inflammation. We included 100% of your daily recommended amount of Vitamin A in 'Clear & Calm' our supplement aimed to reduce breakouts in acne prone skin.

Acne prone skin

It's reported Vitamin A can also improve skin elasticity and sagging in the skin by helping to remove damaged elastin fibres and promoting the formation of new blood vessels. Pretty impressive! This is a key reason we include Vitamin A in 'Rejuvenate & Firm' as it works hard to improve the texture and health of ageing skin.

Vitamin A also works hard to destroy free radicals, as I mentioned earlier, which are responsible for breaking down collagen. A break down in collagen is the leading cause of fine lines and wrinkles.

lines and wrinkles

Consuming adequate amounts of Vitamin A can also help protect the skin against damage from UV rays from the sun. Vitamin A can actually make your skin less sensitive to the sun and protect it against sunburn and pigmentation! We weren't joking when we said 'Great skin-starts within!'. We would of course always advise using an SPF everyday anyway to protect you from sun damage, but Vitamin A is there as an extra barrier of care too.

skincare spf

You might think Vitamin A cant possibly have any more benefits...but it carries on amazing us! Vitamin A promotes healthy cell production. This strengthens the outer layer of the skin- the first barrier against infections, bacteria and pollution. A lack of Vitamin A can weaken your skin barrier and lead to problems such as slow healing wounds and skin dryness. Its also reported that Vitamin A helps to reduce the redness caused by Rosacea.

Vitamin A can help regularise your blood flow which enables the nutrients in your face creams to reach the deeper layers of your skin. So its really important to not only use topical skincare products that contain Vitamin A but also ensure you're receiving Vitamin A via food and supplements to really see the benefits of those skincare products!


Now you know why Vitamin A is so key in promoting healthy skin and overall wellbeing, receiving the correct amount of Vitamin A is so important for your complexion, and of course, overall health.

If you feel you are not receiving enough Vitamin A through diet alone and would like an extra boost. All 3 of our skin supplements contain 100% of your daily recommended amount.

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