About Us

Hi, I am Charlotte owner of RUCI!

I created RUCI after years of suffering with breakouts and dehydrated skin after giving birth to my two children.
I spent years researching which vitamins, metals and minerals would help me with my skin issues which resulted in me taking numerous daily
in powder, liquid, and capsule form every day.
Buying multiple products and having to take them
in different ways was costly, time consuming, and
difficult to implement into my daily routine as
a busy mum.

I looked on the market and could only find generic skin/hair/nails vitamins, with not much available for different aged skin, or specific skin issues. The concept of RUCI. was created.

Having taken many vitamins I found liquid to not only be the easiest and fastest way of taking vitamins, with no need for water or mixing, but also the best for quick and efficient absorption.

I don't believe in a generic one
size fits all approach, which is why I created three different formulations to ensure I have a product to help the individual needs of as many people as I can!

Clear & Calm — For breakout prone skin

Rejuvenate & Firm — For ageing skin

Illuminate & Hydrate — For dull dehydrated skin

RUCI. vitamins are easy to take, just drop on or under the tongue once a day. Each product also has a unique flavour— Banana, Lime, and Orange— to ensure the process is enjoyable as well as efficient.

Each product is a unique formulation of a
multitude of vitamins, minerals, and compounds
carefully curated so as to provide the correct
amount of daily dose needed to gain great results.

There is nothing else like RUCI on the market and the results really speak for themselves.

I hope you will join our RUCI family today and see what a huge difference they will make to your skin.

Charlotte xx